The teams will compete in their regular season but will also have weekly or bi-weekly meetings with representatives from ACES. These meetings will take the form of a class that teaches the students about the country they will be visiting.  Attendance is a mandatory requirement for going on the trip.  Throughout these months, they will also be filing for documentation like passports and visas information. As well as school and parental consent forms.





Bi-weekly meetings will continue.  A special guest motivational speaker will come and talk to the students about what they should be getting out of this type of experience, and how to use this experience to better their lives.




Everything is finalized. All forms are handed in. All amendments are made for the trip. 

Trip during Spring Break.


Febuaury- March 

Bi-weekly meetings continue. The list of players is finalized and tickets are bought. Visas and passports are secured. 




Teams will be chosen from specific schools in the New York City area to go overseas.  A very limited set of criteria will be used to make sure the process is fair and objective. After a school is selected, a meeting with the students, coaches, and parents will be held to explain what the program and opportunity is about.