The Beginning

This is the trip that started the beginning of Adolescent Cultural Exchange through Sports. After being inspired by the trip that PSAL had taken in 2008, I set out to make this trip a reality for all student-athletes in the NYC area. Why can't all of our youth have an experience like this? An experience like this would not only bridge cultures and experiences but will also help youth understand that the world is bigger than their neighborhood. My goal for the students who participate in this program is to become not just local or national leaders but global leaders. Travel is an essential part of opening up the horizons for our youth. Studies show kids that travel:

1. Have an 80% greater interest in what they are learning in school, which improves grades.

2. Are 50% more likely to have better grades than their peers who do not travel.

3. Have 12% greater incomes ($5,000 a year on average) as adults than youth who did not travel.

4. Are 57% more likely to go to college.

5. When they become adults, nine out of ten of them who have travelled educationally said that their experiences helped and influenced their education and careers.

ACES is excited to share the journey with you as we look to change the way our students see the world through their own eyes. Broading horizons and expanding minds to give our youth a brighter future.

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